My lifelong desire to understand myself and the world around me led me to pursue a degree in psychology. I then went on to pursue a degree in social work driven by my thirst for social justice. My name is Luciana Yábar and I am a Spanish and English-speaking mental health professional. I was born and raised in Peru and spent most of my adult life in the United States. I now live in Europe since 2018. 


Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Psychology (summa cum laude), Life University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 2014.
Master of Social Work (MSW), clinical specialization, University of Houston, Texas, USA, 2016.
Previously licensed LMSW by the Texas Department of State Health Services. 
*Both degrees are validated by Nuffic, the Dutch organization for internationalization in education.

Work experience:

  • St. Hope Foundation: Conducted comprehensive intake interviews encompassing a thorough biopsychosocial assessment, examination of previous medical records, eligibility, screening for substance abuse and mental health issues. Counseled patients to reduce stress of learning of and living with the economic and social impact of their diagnosis.
  • Texas Children’s Hospital’s Employee Assistance Program: Provided intervention and treatment that assisted employees in relieving anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, and stress. Provided psychosocial assessment and referrals to employees that can assist them in accessing and maintaining long-term treatment.
  • Latin American Association of Social Action’s Substance Abuse Outpatient Program: Provided psychosocial assessment and treatment to clients who have been mandated by the court to attend substance abuse out-patient treatment programs. Provided psycho-education classes to educate clients about the physical, psychological, and behavioral effects of drugs and alcohol.
  • YMCA’s Trafficked Persons Assistance Program: Interviewed and assessed human trafficking survivors to determine efficacy of services. Collected data to support evidence of the program’s deficiencies and benefits.
  • AID Atlanta: Provided information about sexual health. Referred low-income HIV-positive clients to community resources that provided inexpensive treatment options to improve their health.