Services and Fees

My goal is to help you identify and eliminate the cause of your emotional distress and enhance your general mental health. I achieve this through creating and maintaining a therapeutic and safe environment for you to share your experiences, thoughts, and feelings. Also, guiding you to get in touch with your values, develop solutions to problems, and improve your communication with others.

I offer non-clinical, solution-focused, and strengths-based individual counseling based on guidance and support. I rely mainly on tools and techniques from three practices: narrative therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy.

Narrative Therapy:
Throughout life, our experiences become our personal stories. We give these stories meaning, which helps shape our identity. Unfortunately, sometimes some of our negative experiences become our dominant story, influencing how we see ourselves and the world. NT allows us to externalize our problems rather than internalize them, while relying on our own skills to modify unwanted or unhealthy behaviors.


Cognitive-behavioral Therapy:
The main thing blocking us from truly knowing ourselves are our beliefs about ourselves and others. Beliefs and assumptions that we have learned from our family, society, and culture. We hold onto these beliefs and accept them as truth, even when they cause us great pain. CBT guides us to question and challenge our faulty beliefs.


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy:
Carrying fond memories from the past and thinking of a prosperous future is normal and healthy. However, certain situations can lead us to rumination and obsession. Thinking over and over what we could have done differently or simply remembering, again and again, our moments of failure. This robs us from being present in the here and now. ACT helps us to turn down the internal chatter, accept the things we can not change, and commit to take action to improve our lives based on what we can control.


I assist with the following:

Stress & burnout Body image Anger management
Cultural adjustment Self-esteem Life transitions
Anxiety & depression Social isolation Loss & grief

 Modalities of services:

  • In-home counseling: in the comfort and privacy of your home (in the Haarlem area). 
  • Outdoor counseling: at a park or the dunes (in the Haarlem area).
  • Virtual counseling: online via a secure video platform.
    *Because of the current situation, only online sessions are possible for now.

I aim to provide an accessible service, without wait-lists of insurance companies and with an inexpensive hourly rate. Feel free to contact me for a free 15-minute intake to see if my services are a good fit for you.

  • In-home and outdoor counseling: €75 per session.
  • Virtual counseling: €65 per session. 
  • Reduced fees available for clients in special circumstances.
    *all rates include VAT/BTW

Insurance: Paskay is a non-BIG registered private practice. Therefore, sessions are not covered by your basic health insurance. However, in order to be seen, you do not need a referral and there is no waiting list.