Welcome to Paskay! In the native language of the Peruvian Andes, paskay means to untangle. My goal is to help you free yourself from psychological and emotional strain.

We all seek counseling at some point in our lives, especially in times of adversity. The assistance of a skilled and caring mental health professional can have many benefits. While these benefits vary from person to person, just beginning the process can help ease some of the isolation we feel when confronted with difficulties. Whether you are seeking assistance for a particular problem, during a major life transition, or wish to become more accepting of yourself, I am here to help.

I will work with you to build an emotionally safe and respectful relationship, and teach you the tool of pausing in order to gain clarity about your feelings and thought patterns. I hope you become inspired to take the next step in your journey so that the world can benefit from what you have to offer.